Crushed Kettle
Brewing Co.

Coming Soon to Redwood Falls Minnesota

Delicious Beer, Coming Soon to Minnesota

Our journey begins. A journey to distribute delicious malty liquids to an ever thirsty population. We’re two crazy college friends that went our separate ways, each moving around the country for 13 years and somehow landing back in Minnesota.

Each of us started home-brewing without knowing each other had done the same! Though our paths were different it’s clear our heads were in the same place.

We both share a passion for great tasting beer, fresh local ingredients and giving back to our communities. We aim to provide all those things and more through Crushed Kettle Brewing Co.

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The Team

So far.

Mark Wickline

Mark is a master trial and error specialist. He's moved all over the country and held over 23 jobs, from software developer to machinist to restaurant owner with other things sprinkled in. He's a passionate person and commits 120% to the task of the day.

Matt Radermacher

Matt is a serial entrepreneur who's involvement in the archaelogy field over the last 13 years has largely been unmatched. He holds a master of science in Anthropology and lectures at NDSU. Matt's a driven individual and won't stop until the job is complete.

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